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We design our vacuum thermal evaporators to be "Plug and Play", robust, powerful, fast and versatile Systems.

Our desktop systems in a compact, very well designed unit, offer the capabilities of large and roomy installations.

They are offered at " tight budget " prices with academic discounts for academic institutions.

Our long "hands-on experience", the precision design and the exclusive use of industry standard, "state of the art", top quality parts, guarantee :

• The creation of high uniformity thin films of metals or other materials on substrates
  min 95%, on dia=10cm and min 92%, on the optional dia=20cm
• Years of "problem free" operation (no obsolete parts or software, no PLC/software bugs)
• No need of special components

Our Standard systems are viton sealed with base pressure in the range of

• 5.0x10-6 hPa with Standard turbomolecular pump
• 1.0x10-6 hPa with optional 300l/s high power turbomolecular pump

Each system incorporate (with the exemption of VCM600 BASIC):

• High vacuum turbo pump (80l/s - 100l/s) with full informative controller offering detailed
  information and full control of the Turbo pump, "the hart of the system".
• Pirani – Cold Plasma Penning (1000 - 5.0x10-9 hPa) vacuum measurement system
  with full informative controller.
• High current intensity, min 150A, power supply unit, with variable current intensity control.
• Safety system interlocks for filament protection, turbo pump, water.

The Turbo pump and the gauge head are fully protected from material flakes/pieces, by our patented "turbo protection well".

Tall vacuum chambers, with height = 18" or 19" and base dia = 12", are necessary to create high uniformity thin films on our large substrates. The chambers are made of glass or stainless steel and can be vented, with your choice of gas (Dry Air or N2 recommended), connecting the gas line to the appropriate socket located at the back side.

The glass vacuum chamber is made of ultra high quality borosilicate glass, manufactured under very strict specifications.

The rough pump with large pumping speed of min 80l/min and base pressure 5.0x10-3 hPa, minimize the pump down time and make our systems "fast". This pump is connected to the appropriate port at the back side of VCM600 and controlled from the frond panel.

In case the optional thickness monitor is installed, water supply is required. Our systems are ready to accept the installation of this thickness monitor at a later time by you, in your lab.

For all units, a full set of options is offered, at extra cost, to cover all specific applications. Available options include:

• Additional (up to six) evaporation sources
  Multiple sources are carefully placed on the baseplate to support high film uniformity.
• SS chamber with manual or electro-pneumatic lifting mechanism
• D shape SS chamber (fixed)
• High Power, 300 l/s, Turbomolecular pump
• High current, 300A, Power Supply
• Manual or electromechanical shutter (multiple shutters possible)
• Substrate rotation (typical up to 0 - 40 rpm, max up to 70 rpm)
• Substrate heating (dependent on actual needs, simple and temperature controlled
  versions offered)
• Dry primary pump
• Thermocouple feed through SET, depending on the type of thermocouple

A Special designed Glove Box unit, can be attached to your EXISTING glove box with minimum disturbance. Contact us for details.

  For all units, a full set of options is offered (at extra cost).  

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