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Members of the board
 sarantos chaloulos

Sarantos  Chaloulos
Post Grad studies in Solid State Physics
dipl. Physics

Chairman of the board
Sarantos has a deep knowledge of vacuum technology and sensitive measurements technology.
He has collaborated, since 1977, with different companies, for the development, design and realization of complex systems incorporating Vacuum Technology (PVD, PEPVD, Leak Detectors), that serve for many years in different market fields.

 giorgos chaloulos

Dr. Georgios Chaloulos
PhD ETH Zurich

dipl. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Production supervisor, System integration.

 konstantinos chaloulos

Konstantinos Chaloulos
MSc ETH Zurich

dipl. Electrical Engineering and Information Technolo

Quality control, parts selection.


Sibylle Kunz
MAS FH in Treuhand und Unternehmensberatung

dipl. Treuhandexpertin

COO, Finance and Economic advisor



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