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About us   

Tecuum AG is a Swiss based company specializing in the design and manufacturing of Vacuum Technology products for research and industrial purposes, including Thermal Evaporators and Leak Detection Systems.

The founders and collaborators of the company carry more than 100 years combined experience in the design and realization of complex systems incorporating Vacuum Technology.

Vacuum thermal evaporators, industrial leak detection and other systems, designed by Tecuum founders, under contract with other companies, offer, since 1985, solutions in varius industrial fields and research laboratories.

We design our systems to be "Plug and Play", robust, versatile, fast and accurate, with standard industrial components, for a long term operation. Carefully tested units, are well-suited tools for research and for Industrial production, and cover in full, the desired customer applications.

We exclusively use, state of the art vacuum technology parts, and certified electrical / electronic components in our products. All systems follow the EU directives and are CE covered.

Our high level of standardization, generate systems for tight budgets, that fully cover customers application, with the right product.

Zurich Switzerland


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