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VCM600 V1
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EVP 3030
Organic Sources PID ( SET)

Desktop Vacuum Evaporator

VCM600-300-2TSsq-LT1-Srot1-Esh is a robust, fast, powerful and simple to operate desktop Vacuum Thermal Evaporation System.
Industrial grade design and construction with standard, state of the art, industrial components not software depended, with no parts obsolescence or PLC bugs, guarantee many years of trouble free operation.

The tall glass vacuum chamber and the excellent geometry of the system, support the creation of thin films of metals or other materials on your samples, placed on supplied substrate holder, with high uniformity, min 95% on dia=10cm substrate, or min 92% on the optional dia=20cm substrate.

• Compact Desktop System
• TWO High Temperature thermal sources,
   1800oC for boats or filaments for
   sequential evaporation
• ONE Low Temperature Evaporation (LTE)
  source, 600oC, PID controlled, 1cc crucible,
  Type K TC for OLED, Perovskites, OFET
• Cross contamination shields
• Ultra High Grade Aluminum Base plate
• Glass Vacuum chamber (Dia=12" High=19")
• Metallic protection grid.
• High Vacuum Turbo Pump (300l/s) with
  TURBO Pump Protection well
• FULL informative TURBO pump controller for
  detailed information and full control on Turbo
  pump parameters

1000-5.0x10-9 hPa Pirani-Cold Plasma Penning
   compact head
vacuum measuring system
• FULL informative controller for cpmpact
  Pirani - Cold Plasma Penning head

• SQM 160, 2CH, thickness monitoring system,
  with ONE quartz crystal head (water cooled)
Heating power control unit (PCU) with:
  - High current AC power supply 150A cont.
    (200A flash evaporation)
  - Soft, SCR (thyristor) 0-100% thermal current
    control, analog current meter
  - High current thermal source selection switch
  - Operation Ch1 or Ch2 typ 150A max 200A,
    Ch1 + Ch2 typ 75A max 100A
  - Power protection Interlock
  - Max filament temperature 1800 Celsius

• Substrate holder, SS, circular form, D=10cm
• Substrate rotation 0-40 rpm
• Substrate holder stereotactic system (SS)
• Adjustable source-Substrate holder distance
• Electromagnetic shutter (adjustable position)
• Safety interlocks (User, Turbo, source, SQM)
• Vent Valve
• Oil type, rough pump, two stage, 100l/min
• Power Control Unit 110 or 220VAC / 50-60 Hz

Base pressure < 1.0x10-6 hPa


Chamber accessories
VCM 600 with Stainless Steel option

The, included in the system, wet type rough pump, is placed on the floor by the desk of the
evaporator to avoid vibrations. This pump is connected to the appropriate port at the back side of VCM600 and has high pumping speed 100l/min for short pump down time and ultimate vacuum
of 5.0x10-3 hPa. This pump is controlled from VCM 600.

The glass bell jar is made from ultra high quality borosilicate glass, manufactured under
very strict specifications

  Metal contact layer on substrates
  Perovskite Solar Cells thin films
  Organic LED
  Metallization on parts

DRY rough pump , Substrate heating (PID ) up 600
oC, more evaporation sources, Shutters,
extra power module for co-evaporation, Second LTE source for Organic materials.

For all units, a full set of options is offered (at extra cost).  

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