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EVP 3030
Organic Sources PID ( SET)
EVP3030  "The classical"
Rack Type, Vacuum Evaporator
EVP3030 is a robust, fast, powerful,and simple to operate Vacuum Thermal Evaporation System.

EVP3030 system offer
- One evaporation source
- Electromagnetic shutter
- SQM-160 2ch Quartz Crystal Thickness
  Monitor with one water cooled crystal head

It allows the creation of high uniformity (min 95%) thin films
of metals (or other materials) on substrates up to 10cm dia, (opt. 20cm)

The compact,rack type, unit incorporates:

- ONE thermal source with High Current
   OFHC Cooper Feedthroughs ( 2x )
- High Grade Aluminum Base plate with
   6 x 1 inch ports ( 4 free )
- Vacuum chamber pumping port, NW 100,
   with protection grid
- High Vacuum TURBO Pump (80 l/s)
- TURBO Protection well
- FULL informative TURBO pump Controller for
   full control of Turbo pump parameters
- 1000 - 5.0 x 10-9 hPa Vacuum Measuring
   System with Pirani - Cold Plasma Penning
   Head and
FULL informative Controller
-  PYREX  Bell Jar (dia=12'', high=18")
-  Bell Jar Protection Metallic Cover (grid)
-  Heating Power Control Unit with:
    High Current AC Power Supply 150A
    continuous (200A short time)
      0-100% filament or boat Current control
    Current Meter
    Power protection Interlock
    Max Filament Temperature 1800 Celsius (Tungsten)
- Substrate holder, Stainless Steel, circular form with dia=10cm with sample holders
- Substrate holder stereotactic system with 4 rods, circular rod holder, Stainless Steel
- Vent Valve (Manual)
- Wet type primary pump, pumping speed 80 l/min, ultimate vacuum 5.0 x 10-3 hPa
- Primary pump (rough pump) Control Switch, Operation indicator, Power Socket
- Electromagnetic shutter
- SQM-160 2ch Quartz Crystal Thickness Monitor with ONE water cooled crystal head

- Water line connectors (input-output)
- Safety interlocks for turbo, thickness monitor and filament protection.
- Power 110/220 VAC - 50/60Hz

Base pressure
• 5.0 x 10-6 hPa with Standard
(80 l/s) Turbomolecular pump
• 1.0 x 10-6 hPa with optional 300 l/s High Power Turbomolecular pump

The Glass Bell Jar is made from Ultra High Quality Borosilicate Glass, manufactured under very strict specifications.

For all units, a full set of options is offered (at extra cost).  

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